The Office Manager will collate all documentation and a current copy of the assessments carried out within the company will be kept by them. The Company Safety Advisor will carry out suitable inspections to ensure that the assessment records are valid and the procedures and improvements are implemented in practice within the office or each temporary worksite. Record of Risk Assessment will be kept and reviewed on an annual basis in order to establish their continual validity. Assessments will be held in site safety files or on the office safety notice board.


Staff Fire Training will be given on induction and not less than twice a year for existing staff.

The training will involve:

    • Raising the alarm
    • Correct use of fire extinguishers
    • Correct choice of extinguishers
    • Evacuation procedures
    • Types of fire risk All new staff will receive fire training at induction. The Personnel and Training Manager will be responsible for this training. All training will be recorded on the employees personal training card. The Personnel and Training Manager will be assisted by the management team.



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