Specialist Security


Our Private Investigators/Internal Surveillance sometimes operate in plain clothes as Store Detectives and Undercover Investigators in factories and offices. They will carry out surveillance discreetly for reasons such as, suspicion of theft and incompetence in the workplace.


The use of fully trained Concierge Officers creates a safe and secure environment for both customers and employees, whilst offering a welcoming and professional presence to all who use the building. All officers will monitor unwanted or unsuitable entrants and competently deal with the situation. Services are available in both the private and public sector.


Site Maintenance Officers are available to ensure your perimeter fence is kept in place and your worksite is free from debris whilst acting as a visual deterrent on site. Our Maintenance Personnel will be undertaking level two training courses to become fully qualified Security Officers but if at any time during your project you should require Security Guards you will be provided with them. GPRS To comply with Lone Worker Policy and Health & Safety at Work legislation, we use the latest GPRS technology (video calling) to constantly monitor and track our personnel. This ensures that we are able to track the location and monitor the movements of our staff from site to site at all times. This also gives us the advantage of a constant visual link.


Active Guard system is the UK’s only real time patrol system providing real time information on guard patrols on site through the internet. Data is sent via the handset and is available within 3 seconds of a checkpoint being struck or panic alarm being activated. this product will replace unnecessary and bulky hardware; it also bases all operations over the internet, which is accessed securely. This can save time by giving reports access to clients plus Contact Managers and Control Room Operators at the same time. The system can generate text messages to warn of panic alarms being activated on the handset or any missed patrols.


The Mobile Patrol Unit is an integral part of the company, enabling the control room to function correctly by relaying information to and from the field. The mobile unit is responsible for site, office and building security were a Static Guard is not required.
All Mobile Units will patrol manned sites as part of their duties to ensure site guards are safe, alert and carrying out their duties to the company’s high standards.
All Mobile and Static Guards are trained in first aid to Certificate Level 1, as a minimum.

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