Security Services


Our building site Security Personnel are all supplied with the essential safety wear required for the job, including safety boots, hard hats and high visibility jackets. Two way radios will also be supplied to all our personnel where necessary.

Each day our Security Personnel will consult with the foreman on site enabling them to ensure that all necessary checks are made and logged on record.

The security of the site perimeters will be consistently maintained as will any notices or signs on site, ensuring that they are fully and clearly visible at all times. All shift activities are recorded on an hourly basis and our personnel will, at the earliest opportunity alert emergency services, our own Mobile Patrols and the Site Manager to any incidents which may occur during the shift


Safety is always a primary concern and all our personnel take the safety of their client, clients staff and retail customers very seriously. It is our belief that good health and safety practice is of utmost importance; this is why our personnel will always ensure that they make themselves familiar with all alarm systems, zones, fire procedures and emergency evacuation protocols within the premises. They will ensure that fire escape routes are always kept clear and accessible and will maintain the overall security of the premises at all times giving the client and their staff total peace of mind. They are also trained in crowd management skills, accident prevention and basic first aid. We understand that each venue will have its own set of assignment instructions on how to deal with various incidents on the premises and to accommodate this our personnel will consult with Store Managers ensuring that we comply with company policies on dealing with theft, anti social behaviour and any other incidents which may arise. They understand that vigilance and a visible professional security presence are key factors in the fight against theft and petty crime.

We realise that image is very important, this is why we supply all of our security personnel with a uniform which portrays a smart modern and professional image, whilst maintaining an authoritve edge. We also appreciate that some of our clients may wish that our security personnel adopt their uniform.


We will develop a traffic flow system to keep traffic moving and keep disruption to public roads around our clients worksites and offices to a minimum. We will provide Traffic Management Officers to log, monitor and direct traffic into, through and out of site 24 hours a day. They will meet and greet all vehicles so you know whoever is on site should be on site. They can check all deliveries and pick-ups to and from site and make sure all visitors are logged in and authorised to access site. Our highly trained personnel conduct rigorous visual checks of all vehicles looking for any suspicious packages or devices that may cause a threat to your project. Having a visible Traffic Management Officer on site will reduce the risk of theft or vandalism to any of your assets.


We will assess the needs of the client and advise on the best solution using the latest technology. We will design and provide the most appropriate system to meet each clients own needs. From a basic single camera surveillance system to a multifunctional system incorporating perimeter detection and off site monitoring. All of our CCTV systems comply with the CCTV code of practice in the Data Protection Act 1998. This means that any footage recorded will be admissible in a court of law as evidence.
We can provide perimeter detection where outdoor security sensors detect intruders as soon as they enter a restricted area. The outdoor sensors are a practical solution for remote sites where guards are not available. If you require the CCTV systems can be linked to a control centre, the centre is manned with trained staff who will monitor your premises 24 hours a day giving you total peace of mind. If any incidents should occur personnel can swiftly alert emergency services and our mobile patrols or initiate other procedures as required, ensuring that there is an appropriate and immediate response to any situation.

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